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Neel Foundation (JBM Group Initiative)

Pause for a Cause,initiated by JBM Group – Neel Foundation, is an effort to assist, support and encourage the underprivileged. Under the aegis of Neel Foundation, JBM Group plays a pivotal role in community developmentwith the help of NGOs and social organizations, assisting on agendas of public welfare and environmental concerns.

Neel Foundation is all about thediligentsupport and care for those who need it most. The cause extends to development of village tube wells and ponds, laying pipelines, facilitatingpotable water to people, heralding the light of education by establishing educational centres; primary and secondary schools,setting up medical camps for the poor and needy.Social upliftment underlines the existence of the foundation.

Eco Consciousness
Neel Foundation has taken progressive strides in environment management domain. The foundation took steps to introduce water management by the means of rain water harvesting in all its plants, thus ensuring optimal utilisation of resources, minimisingthe waste in effort to prevent resource depletion and strictly adhere to the environment norms by installing effluent treatment plantsto have eco-efficient with zero discharge to environment.

What’s next??
JBM Group believes that Neel Foundation incorporates a vision that has noboundaries to do what is necessary for the development of society.